Thrustmaster T150 Pro Force Feedback (4160696)

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Thrustmaster T150RS PRO RACING волан PC / PS3 / PS4 (4160696)

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Безжичен Не
Педали Три педала
Лост за скорости Не
Скорости на волана Да
Force Feedback  Да
Бутони 11
PC съвместим
Playstation 4 съвместим
Playstation 3 съвместим

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Thrustmaster T150 PRO ForceFeedback 1080° Racing Wheel
  • 28 cm diameter, ideal for racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, RALLY, etc. )
  • Rubber-coated wheel grips
  • Two large, wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters (100% metal – sturdy tact switch with a life cycle of more than 500,000 activations)
  • Official buttons for PlayStation4 (PS/SHARE/OPTIONS)
  • Access social functions, switch between the game and the system, and navigate through the system's menus
  • 13 action buttons (including two buttons on the base) and one D-pad
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter (sold separately) and PC
  • Includes: T3PA 3-pedal set
  • 100% metal pedals and structure
  • Conical Rubber Brake MOD included (with ultra-progressive resistance at the end of the brake)
  • Three fully adjustable pedals (spacing, inclination, and height)
  • PlayStation4-certified embedded software and sliding switch for PS4/PS3
  • Official embedded software: The racing wheel is automatically recognised by the PS4 system
  • Compatible in the system's menu
  • Sliding switch for PS4/PS3 for optimal compatibility
  • 1080° Force Feedback Base
  • Drive system with adjustable Force Feedback effect lets you feel every detail
  • Adjustable rotation angle from 270° to 1080°
  • Optical reading with 12-bit resolution
  • Mixed belt-pulley and gears system with a metal ball-bearing axis for sturdiness
  • Internal memory and upgradeable firmware
  • Sturdy and flexible attachment system, compatible with all surfaces

  • Продукт известен още и като T 150 Pro Force Feedback 4160696, T150ProForceFeedback4160696, T 150 Pro Force Feedback (4160696), T150 Pro Force Feedback ( 4160696)
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